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Alatorre, Maria Del Refugio (marriage to Hubert Thomas Jefferson Johnson) (i93), b.1900-d.1986


Barker, Floyd (i50), b.1910-d.1965
Barker, Floyd (marriage to Alice E. Johnson) (i50), b.1910-d.1965
Barker, James (i51) (still alive)
Barker, Jennifer (i172) (still alive)
Barker, Robert (i52) (still alive)
Barker, Stephen (i170) (still alive)
Barker, Thomas (i53) (still alive)
Barker, William (i54) (still alive)


Bone, Sarah (marriage to Jacob Hatridge) (i161)


Bowback, Mary E. (marriage to Thomas Jefferson Gray) (i2), b.1859-d.1905


Bretado, Jose Luis (i181) (still alive)
Bretado, Marcos (i183) (still alive)
Bretado, Samuel (i182) (still alive)


Chavers, Larry (i99) (still alive)


Cook, Edith (marriage to William Herbert Johnson) (i41), b.1908-d.1979


Finch, Vernon (marriage to Lillian P. Johnson) (i150)


Gray, Audrey (i21)
Gray, Clara (i6), b.1891-
Gray, Clara (marriage to Orn Peters) (i6), b.1891-
Gray, Clarence (i8), b.1898-
Gray, Dorothea Helen (i22) (still alive)
Gray, Gloe (i20) (living status unknown)
Gray, Harry (i9), b.1898-d.1898
Gray, Hulda (i4), b.1887-d.1909
Gray, Ida (i5), b.1888-d.1909
Gray, James E (i17) (living status unknown)
Gray, Jesse James (i7), b.1895-d.1937
Gray, Jessie Wilma (i18), b.1920-d.1939
Gray, Linda (i184) (still alive)
Gray, Lizzie Jane (i3), b.1883-d.1964
Gray, Lizzie Jane (marriage to Jesse James Johnson) (i3), b.1883-d.1964
Gray, Mary (i11), b.1903-
Gray, Oscar (i10), b.1900-d.1901
Gray, Ray June (i23) (living status unknown)
Gray, Sylvia Geraldine (i19) (living status unknown)
Gray, Sylvia Geraldine (marriage to Rex Mount) (i19) (living status unknown)
Gray, Thelma (i175) (living status unknown)
Gray, Thomas Jefferson (i1), d.1905


Green, Bryan (i111) (still alive)
Green, Devin (i113) (still alive)
Green, Natalie (i112) (still alive)


Guiles, Amanda (i89) (still alive)
Guiles, Brenda (i81) (still alive)
Guiles, Brian (i92) (still alive)
Guiles, Daughter (i90) (still alive)
Guiles, David Howard (i88)
Guiles, George (i83) (still alive)
Guiles, Mel (i79) (still alive)
Guiles, Milton (i82) (still alive)


Hardwick, Benjamin (i166)
Hardwick, William (i168)


Hatridge, Cordelia (i165)
Hatridge, Jacob (i160)
Hatridge, Mary Ann (i149)
Hatridge, Mary Ann (marriage to John T. Johnson) (i149)
Hatridge, Peter Huggin (i162)
Hatridge, Sarah (i164)
Hatridge, William II (i163)


Hudson, Danny Fred (i80) (still alive)
Hudson, Deanna Marie (i97) (still alive)
Hudson, Lorraine Dee (i96) (still alive)
Hudson, Michelle Patricia (i98) (still alive)


Inman, Ronald (i174) (still alive)
Inman, Tom (i173) (living status unknown)
Inman, Tom (marriage to Lillian P. Johnson) (i173) (living status unknown)


Johnson, Alice E. (i39), b.1910-d.1996
Johnson, Alice E. (marriage to Floyd Barker) (i39), b.1910-d.1996
Johnson, Arlene (i137) (still alive)
Johnson, Ashley (i75) (still alive)
Johnson, Baby (i176), b.1940-d.1940
Johnson, Bertie (i37), b.1905-d.1905
Johnson, Chandler (i72) (still alive)
Johnson, Christine Dulciana (i118) (still alive)
Johnson, Christine Patricia Lynne (i116) (still alive)
Johnson, Cynhia (i62) (still alive)
Johnson, Cynthia M (i178) (still alive)
Johnson, Doris (i60) (still alive)
Johnson, Dwain T (i46) (still alive)
Johnson, Edna Mae (i44)
Johnson, Elizabeth (i120) (still alive)
Johnson, Gary (i139) (still alive)
Johnson, Georgia (i147), b.1898-
Johnson, Henry (i146)
Johnson, Howard David (i59), d.1965
Johnson, Howard David (i64) (still alive)
Johnson, Hubert Thomas Jefferson (i38), b.1906-d.1971
Johnson, Hugh Manuel (i94) (still alive)
Johnson, Infant (i40), b.1908-d.1908
Johnson, Isaac N. (i155)
Johnson, James Gregory (i67) (still alive)
Johnson, Jane (i154)
Johnson, Jesse James (i35), b.1881-
Johnson, Jesse James (marriage to Lizzie Jane Gray) (i35), b.1881-
Johnson, Jesse M. (i158)
Johnson, Jessica Annette (i179) (still alive)
Johnson, Jimmy (i140) (still alive)
Johnson, John T. (i141)
Johnson, John T. (marriage to Mary Ann Hatridge) (i141)
Johnson, John W. (i151)
Johnson, Joshua Thomas (i180) (still alive)
Johnson, Kristin (i71) (still alive)
Johnson, Lillian P. (i148), b.1901-d.AUG
Johnson, Lloyd (i58) (still alive)
Johnson, Lucky (i156)
Johnson, Macy (i78) (still alive)
Johnson, Mary A. (i153)
Johnson, Mary Jane (i142), b.1882-
Johnson, Michael (i65) (still alive)
Johnson, Myrtle (i144), b.1888-
Johnson, Nora (i145)
Johnson, Rachel (i70) (still alive)
Johnson, Robert (i138) (still alive)
Johnson, Ruth Helen, Alatorre (i95) (still alive)
Johnson, Samuel B. (i159) (still alive)
Johnson, Sarah (i69) (still alive)
Johnson, Valerie Jean (i66) (still alive)
Johnson, William Herbert (i36), b.1903-d.1983
Johnson, William J. (i143), b.1886-
Johnson, William Morris (i47) (still alive)
Johnson, William T (i43) (still alive)
Johnson, Willian H (i157)


Leseney, Michelle (i85) (still alive)
Leseney, Sarah (i86) (still alive)
Leseney, Steve (i84) (still alive)


Malinda, (marriage to John W. Johnson) (i152)


Mary, (marriage to Benjamin Hardwick) (i167)


Mcfaul, Dianne Lorraine (i30) (still alive)
Mcfaul, Fred (i29) (living status unknown)
Mcfaul, Melody Jean (i31) (living status unknown)


Montes, Carlos Roberto (i134) (still alive)
Montes, Elizabeth Lydia, Johnson (i124) (still alive)
Montes, Ileana Elizabeth (i130) (still alive)
Montes, Rafael (i121) (still alive)
Montes, Rafael Antonio, Johnson (i122) (still alive)
Montes, Ricardo Andres (i129) (still alive)
Montes, Ricardo Arturo, Johnson (i123) (still alive)
Montes, Roberto, Johnson (i125) (still alive)
Montes, Yvonne, Johnson (i126) (still alive)


Mooring, Daniel William (i104) (still alive)
Mooring, Debbie (i108) (still alive)
Mooring, Meghan Siobhan (i105) (still alive)
Mooring, Roger (i106) (still alive)


Mount, Darlene (i26) (living status unknown)
Mount, Monty (i27) (living status unknown)
Mount, Rex (i25)
Mount, Son (i28) (living status unknown)


Paley, Camille (i102) (still alive)
Paley, Jon (i101) (still alive)
Paley, Kyle (i103) (still alive)
Paley, Ryan Phillip (i100) (still alive)


Peters, Orn (i12)
Peters, Orn (marriage to Clara Gray) (i12)
Peters, Son (i13) (still alive)


Sanchez, Alejandro (i132) (still alive)
Sanchez, Alejandro, Puig (i131) (still alive)


Smith, Luke (marriage to Mary Gray) (i14)


Thompson, Georgia (marriage to Hubert Thomas Jefferson Johnson) (i56)


Yates, Trudie Mae (marriage to Jesse James Gray) (i16), d.1938

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